Monday, November 26, 2007

My admiration of graffiti art

My admiration for the street art of graffiti came out of a natural curiosity. While transporting back and forth to my high school far from my house passing by over head bridges. I would see the graffiti and would be curious as to who did that and how did they do it? I started to get interested in learning more about the culture and art of graffiti. As well, learning how shapes, lines and colors formed into letters and signs. I remember checking out the magazines at Tower Records and looking at them with amazement. While on my trips to Miami and New York City when I was fifteen getting a first hand look at it. As I tried my self to emulate what I saw in the magazines and walls. Except, I was never that good at it just mostly admired for what I considered art while others considered vandalism. From there led me into my interest in graphic design, photography and other forms of art. On occasion, when I do find an interesting piece that amazes me I will photograph it. For example, here is a photograph I took at the D.C. graffiti hall of fame in July 2006. If you would like to see more please go check out my photography here.

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